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Products List

Brake Chamber

Air Dryer

Power steering pump

Automatic slack adjuster

Air compressor



Air components

Solenoid valve

Clutch Servo

Manual Slack Adjuster

Levelling Valve

Control Valve

Safety Valve

Drain Valve

Check Valve

Relay Valve

Trailer Valve

Foot Brake Valve

Hand Brake Valve

Palm Coupling

Seven Ways Plug and Socket

Quick Release Valve

Four Circuit Protection Valve

Automatic Load Sensing Valve

Unloader Valve and governor
Air master and vacuum booster

Control cylinder and hydraulic clutch

Brake shoe and brake lining
Brake hose-Hydraulic and baromatic

Hub caps


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   Circuit protection valve

Circuit protection valve

VIL No:P6073

Original No:9347023000

Circuit protection valve

VIL No:P6074

Original No:9347022100

Circuit protection valve

VIL No:P6077

Original No:AE4612

Circuit protection valve

VIL No:P6076

Original No:9347040400

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